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Updated:Mar 26, 2018

The Independent Shooting League is a Vancouver Island action shooting that has Dynamic Pistol style Action shooting matches up and down the Island.

We were formed in the early 80's for the Island shooters that were not always able to travel over to the mainland to participate in larger sanctioned IPSC matches. We offer a low key atmosphere for new shooters and a great place for the high end competitive shooter to hone thier skills on some great stages that would make world class shooters smile. There is also training available in all of our host clubs and we make it easy for new shooters to participate in our matches. We put them in squads with our experienced shooters where we help them safely complete the course of fire and make it so enjoyable that they will have a hard time waiting for the next match.

We follow the same rule book as the world IPSC body which helps the competitors that want to venture over to the Canadian sanctioned matches that are held throughout the province. Our league has matches in Victoria, Nanaimo and Campbell River. The Qualifiers start in March and go through September with a wind up Turkey shoot and AGM meeting in Nanaimo in October. If you have any interest in learning more about our sport and league please contact the representative in your area.

Cheers, ISL President


ISL Schedule Dates
Name Location Date Match Files
Qualifier #1 Victoria Mar 18, 2018 2018 ISL Q1.pdf
Qualifier #2 Nanaimo Apr 22, 2018 2018 NFG ISL Q2.pdf
Qualifier #3 Victoria May 27, 2018 ISL_Q3_victoria_2018.pdf
Qualifier #4 Campbell River Jul 07, 2018 SATURDAY-SUNDAY-W-COVER.pdf
Qualifier #5 Campbell River Jul 08, 2018 SATURDAY-SUNDAY-W-COVER.pdf
Qualifier #6 Nanaimo Aug 05, 2018 NFG_ISL_Q6_Aug_5_2018_Rev-A.pdf
Presidents Cup Nanaimo Sep 23, 2018 2018_NFG_ISL_Presidents_Cup.pdf
Turkey Shoot/AGM Nanaimo Oct 28, 2018 2018_TS_match.pdf